New: Custom Gearboxes Return

Version 4.10 of the Lambretta Gearbox Visualiser sees the ability to model custom gearboxes return.

Bigger and better than before, you can now build and store as many as 27 different configurations for endless hours of nurdom.

To use the custom function, click the “Custom Box Builder” link at the bottom of the Visualiser. You can then give your gearbox a name, and spec the gears you want to use. When you’re done, click the link to go back to the Visualiser and then find your new gearbox under the usual drop down boxes for gearboxes (they’re at the bottom.)

This facility is only available in Excel xlsx format and is available from the download page.

Have fun…


About avantone

Ex Scooter racer and Derny Mechanic at Herne Hill Velodrome.
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6 Responses to New: Custom Gearboxes Return

  1. Martin Corrado says:

    Hi Tony, I’m trying to add a custom gearbox but just keep getting an error code of “invalid input”. Is it possible to add the Gori RV4S close ratio gearbox to your list? Loose gears are 47, 40, 37, 35. Cluster is 14, 15, 17, 19. Cheers, Martin.

    • avantone says:

      Hi Martin, thanks very much for the feedback. I’ll check the error message and add the Gorilla box tonight. Cheers, Tony

      • Martin Corrado says:

        Hi Tony, it may not be an error it may be that I use a Open Office rather than Microsoft Excel but appreciate it if you can add the Gori box. Cheers, Martin.

      • avantone says:

        Hi Martin, that could be it. I downloaded the version on the server and it works fine in Excel so maybe a compatibility issue.
        The Gori box is now listed under “Dealer 4 speed” and I’ve linked to Gori’s website on the blog page.
        Thanks for the heads up and feel free to suggest improvements.
        Cheers, Tony

      • Martin Corrado says:

        Thanks Tony, nice close ratios on the Gori box but wondering if the first gear might be too tall for my intended use on the 1/4 mile. Cheers, Martin.

  2. themarquis says:

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