New 4-Speed CR Gearbox from Casa Performance

Casa Performance has introduced a new 4-speed close ratio gearbox for Series 1, 2, 3 GP / DL or Serveta scooters. Ratios were chosen by Vittorio Tessera in order to provide a close ratio gearbox at a lower price point than the Cyclone 5-speed.

The gearbox was designed and developed specifically for the Casa Lambretta Racing Team and used during their victorious 2015 ESC Championship season.

The gearbox ratios are configured differently to most on the market. Generally close ratio boxes reduce the jump between the highest gears, which helps relatively older low-powered, gear-challenged engines pull higher speeds without dropping out of the power. The CASA gearbox has a very “long” 2nd gear (more like two and a half) and then a fairly normal 3rd and 4th. The result is likely to be a gearbox that is very useable in 2nd and 3rd whilst retaining a 4th that would still give a good top end – i.e. think like a twisty circuit with a long straight where more benefit is realised in the twisty section. This could also translate well to riding around town and city centres.

Your local Casa dealer can be found here

Model this gearbox against others here

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Ex Scooter racer and Derny Mechanic at Herne Hill Velodrome.
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