RLC Vega5 – Big things come from small beginnings!

There’s never been a better time to own a small frame Lambretta given the products coming out of RLC/Casa performance for these iconic models. Often overlooked in comparison to their bigger siblings, there are now some serious upgrades available.
Next week sees the release of the Vega5 (5-speed) gearbox for all J Range, Lui, Vega and Cometa models. The Vega5 is plug & play on all 3-speed and 4-speed models.

The difference 5-speed boxes have made to large frame Lambrettas is profound, so a potential upgrade from 3 to 5 gears will transform even a completely stock small frame!
Add the CP One35 cylinder kit too, and these scooters become something truly different. So to let that sink in, you can now convert a 50cc 3-speed Lui into a 15bhp, 5-speed ripper. The transformation and improved gear overlap is instantly apparent when comparing these two scenarios in the Visualiser.

The ratios of the Vega5 mean that if used in standard 75cc engines, the primary drive front sprockets would need to be smaller than standard (i.e. 13T on Lui , Vega and Cometa models). Casa Performance have now manufactured 11T and 12T for 4-speed casings and whilst they were at it, they also made 12T sprockets for 3-speed casings as well.  This effectively means that smallframe Lambretta owners now have a huge, unprecedented choice of sprockets to choose from for both 3-speed and 4-speed engine casings (they use different drive side bearing and sprocket / sleeve set-ups) ranging from 11T through to 16T, for both non-cushdrive and cushdrive set-ups.  Coupled with the Casa Performance ‘LunaMaster’ 5-plate clutches in 45T, 46T and 47T crown wheel options, this gives 18 primary ratio options to play with for that perfect setup. RLC have ensured they have top quality Iwis chains for all of these possible combinations, and have kindly provided this data for inclusion in the Visualiser.

You can download the new visualiser here

You can order the Vega5 from RLC here

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Ex Scooter racer and Derny Mechanic at Herne Hill Velodrome.
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