New: Custom Gearboxes Return

Version 4.10 of the Lambretta Gearbox Visualiser sees the ability to model custom gearboxes return.

Bigger and better than before, you can now build and store as many as 27 different configurations for endless hours of nurdom.

To use the custom function, click the “Custom Box Builder” link at the bottom of the Visualiser. You can then give your gearbox a name, and spec the gears you want to use. When you’re done, click the link to go back to the Visualiser and then find your new gearbox under the usual drop down boxes for gearboxes (they’re at the bottom.)

This facility is only available in Excel xlsx format and is available from the download page.

Have fun…


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Lambretta Gearbox Visualiser: Version 4.01

The Lambretta Gearbox Visualiser is an Excel spreadsheet that can help you to choose the exact gear ratios and sprocket combinations to suit your Lambretta’s engine characteristics and riding style. Every ratio and every combination of optional gear available is now built into the new version of the Visualiser.

I’d done quite a bit of work trying different formats and layouts as well as additional tools since the last version, but in the end I’ve decided to keep it simple. Some of the other reasons for keeping this version simple was the screen resolution that many people appear to use (small), the range of OS and Excel versions and postings on forums from people baffled with what the Visualiser was trying to tell them.

So simple (relatively) it is, and that is why the ‘custom gearbox’ feature has gone and some of the other geeky new features weren’t included. I’m still mulling over a (paid) Pro version, and these and other features will surface if I go ahead.

Some of the new features are not supported in the older .xls format, and therefore this version is in the newer .xlsx format for Excel. For those that do not have software to support this, the previous version of the Visualiser has been updated to include all new gearboxes including the Cyclone5 and options

So, major changes in the new version are:

  • Inclusion of the fantastic new range of 5 -speed boxes from Rimini Lambretta Centre – You have BOTH versions and EVERY combination of alternative ratio.
  • 4-speed boxes from DRT Denis
  • Extra granularity to show the stages in the RPM range where power increases as well as where it peaks
  • Visibility of the RPM values where the engine is not making any significant power (off the boil)
  • A button to browse through the gearboxes as an alternative to the drop-down menu.
  • Extra descriptions and keys to help you understand what this all means and what values to enter
  • Recommendations to use chain adjusters rather than stretched chains for some sprocket and crown wheel combinations

Enjoy, and please leave a comment if you like it or have feedback. You’re welcome to link to this site, and using will help me keep track of referrers.



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Quality remanufactured sprockets from RLC

RLC report via Facebook that they can now supply quality Lambretta sprockets by DRT with 19, 20 and 21 teeth. Availability of these larger sprockets will further extend the options on their own Cyclone5 gearboxes as well as standard factory 4-speed boxes.

The impact of using these sprockets can be modelled on the Gearbox Visualiser, which can be downloaded for free via the download page.

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100mph Lambretta Club

Press release from UK Dealer:

Following recent discussions with Rimini Lambretta Centre, 100mphlambrettaclub is pleased to announce that they are to be the main UK distributor for the RLC / DRT ‘CYCLONE 5 SPEED’ gearboxes. Continue reading

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Rimini Cyclone5 Gearbox

Today sees the launch of Rimini’s Cyclone5 gearboxes. With 5 gears and a range of optional ratios for 1st and 5th there’s something for every type of rider and almost every engine characteristic.

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Rimini Lambretta Centre: Cyclone5

The release date for the impressive and much anticipated 5-speed box from RLC/DRT is fast approaching.

The new version of the Visualiser is finished and ready to go with every possible combination and option for this gearbox as well as other improvements.

The Visualiser software is FREE and will be released to coincide with the commercial release of the Cyclone5.

Watch this space over the coming week……………..

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Lambretta Gearbox Visualiser

The Lambretta Gearbox Visualiser is an Excel spreadsheet that can help you to choose the exact gear ratios and sprocket combinations to suit your Lambretta’s engine characteristics and riding style


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