Visualiser Lite

The Visualiser Lite gives a summary of every Lambretta gearbox available, including top gear final drive ratios for every possible sprocket and crown wheel combination, MPH/1000 RPM, and estimated chain lengths.

Dealer gearboxes listed below with strikes through them are no longer available to purchase new, however they may be available second hand.

***Factory OEM***
Factory LI125 S1 (Italian & Spanish)
Factory Li125 S2 (Italian & Spanish)
Factory Li125 Early S3 (Italian & Spanish)
Factory LI 150 Rallymaster Special  
Factory LI125 Special
Factory GP125
Factory GP200 (Italian)
Factory Li150 Special (Late)
Factory SX150
Factory GP150
Factory GP200 (Late Indian) (Available)
Factory Vijay Mk.1
Factory LI150 Special/Pacemaker
Factory Li125 (Late Italian)
Factory Li150 S3 (Spanish)
Factory LI150 (Italian)
Factory Vijay Mk.2
Factory TV175 S2
Factory TV175 S3
Factory SX200
Factory Jet 200
Factory TV200/GT200
J50 Early production
J50 Mid Production
J50 Deluxe + J50 Special + Lui 50C / CL
Lui Vega Cometa 75cc
Cento 100cc
J125 3-Speed
J125 4-Speed Starstream + Super Starstream
***RLC Cyclone & Vega5***
Cyclone 5 Pro V2 (Available)
Vega5 for J Range + Lui (all) (Available)
V1 Standard
V1 Tall 1st option (10-49)
V1 Tall 5th option (18-34)
V1 Tall 1st/5th (10-49/18-34)
CyV2 Standard
V2 low 1st option (9-46)
V2 Tall 1st option(9-44)
V2 Tall 5th option(18-34)
V2 Close 5th option (18-36)
V2 low 1st/tall 5th (9-46/18-34)
V2 low 1st/Close 5th (9-46/18-36)
V2 Tall 1st/5th (9-44/18-34)
V2 Tall 1st/Close 5th (9-44/18-36)
Pro V1
***MB Scooters Ltd MB5***
MB Scooters Ltd MB-5 (Late) (Available)
MB Scooters Ltd MB-5 (Early)
MRB Li150 CR
MRB Li150/SX200 CR MkI
MRB Li150/SX200 CR MkII
***AF Clo5e Ratio***
AF Clo5e Ratio (35 Tooth 5th) (Available)
AF Clo5e Ratio (34 Tooth 5th) (Available)
***Other 5-Speed Gearboxes***
Crimaz CML5 (Available)
Omega 5-Speed
Tino Sacchi 5-Speed
***Other 4-Speed***
Casa Performance Close Ratio (Available)
Gori RV4S Close Ratio (Available)
DGB Pacemaker
DRT “Monza Super Speed”
DRT “Gran Tour”
DRT Li150/SX200 CR
Pro Porting SX150/GP200 CR