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8 Responses to Contact

  1. avantone says:

    Hi, looks like part of your last comment is missing – were you saying the suggested lengths aren’t right for small frames? Must admit, I hadn’t considered that (I’ll modify if I can get the data for small frames).

  2. Ed B says:

    super piece of work and nice to see how its evolved since I last looked at it. Is there a way to change the chain length? I assume it plays a factor in this or you would not of listed it?

    • avantone says:

      Hi Ed. Thanks, glad you like it. The chain length is a suggested length based on the front and rear sprocket sizes. Originally it suggested stretched chains for some combinations, but now I’ve got to to suggest a size up with a tensioner.
      Cheers, Tony

    • Ed B says:

      Ah its ok I worked it out. Its based on the selections you make. The chain is probably (I’m no expert) when looking at lambretta small frame gear boxes

  3. Martin Hyland says:

    Hi Tony, another new Lambretta 5 speed gearbox is on the market. Any chance of adding it to the visualiser to compare it with the others? Cheers, Martin.

  4. Federico says:

    Hi, we’re a new little lambretta web-shop in italy, i’ve playing with your gear program.. it’s wondeful !! i want ask to you if is possible to include you programm in our website, excuse me but my english is bad!
    my idea is to make a link or a programm in our site in a section of information and curiosity…
    we hope in your future reply…. best regards STF

    • avantone says:

      Hi Federico, I’m pleased you like the visualiser – thanks very much for your comment. You’re welcome to link to my site and display screen shots, however I’d prefer it if the files are only available from this site to ensure people always download the very latest version – thanks Tony.

      Ciao Federico, ti sto contento come il visualizzatore – grazie molto per il tuo commento. Ti invitiamo a collegarsi al mio sito e visualizzare le schermate, però io preferirei se i file sono disponibili solo da questo sito per assicurarsi che le persone sempre scaricare la versione più recente – grazie Tony.

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