Version 6.2 of the Lambretta Gearbox Visualiser in Excel xlsx format

 Version 1.0 of the VESPA Gearbox Visualiser in Excel xlsx format. 

Enjoy, and please feedback in the comments box below.

Update History:

6.2 (31-Oct-2020) Re-written to show 6-speed gearboxes including the new offering from Charlie Edmonds. The custom gearbox facility now enables you to model your own 6-speed gearbox. Some minor UI tweaks. Removed expired supporter banners and links.

6.1 (26-Aug-2019) Updated with fresh data from RLC on small frame chain options

6.0 (08-Aug-2019) The Visualiser splits to show large frame and small frame Lambretta separately. Added data for RLC’s Cyclone 5 Pro and Vega5 gearboxes. Added a new home page to improve navigation, “Custom Tyre Sizes” so users can add their own tyre data and minor UI tweaks.

5.0 (22-Jan-2018) Cleaner UI, RPM drops between higher gears added, additional graphical comparisons and background improvements. Adds both AF Clo5e ratio 5-speed gearboxes.

4.17 (01-May-2017) Adds ratios for the Casa Performance 4-speed CR and Crimaz CML5 5-speed gearboxes. Some minor changes behind the scenes.

4.16 (23-Mar-2017) Adds ratios for the “late” MB Scooters Ltd MB-5 with very minor adjustments to 5th gear ratio. Also removes references to stretched chains as viable solutions and instead references chain tensioners.

4.15 (14-Dec-2016) Adds the facility to adjust the speed increment in the main visualiser (used to view the  whole speed range for seriously fast and scary scooters), and increases front sprocket choices to include 25t

4.14 Adds ratios for the Gori RV4S gearbox (thanks to Martin Corrado for the heads up on this one)

4.13 Adds ratios for MB Scooters Ltd MB-5 gearbox

4.12 Adds 13t drive sprockets to the right hand side of the visualiser, adds 23t and 24t drive sprockets, and adds an error message where chain combinations are unknown.

4.11 Adds 13t drive sprockets for small frame Lambretta’s (Thanks Ash). Added theoretical chain length for 14×46.

4.10 Adds the facility to design and store custom gearboxes

4.01 Addressed an issue where column header wasn’t reading gearbox descriptions from bottom of list – Thanks to Steve (Trotsky) LCGB

3.40 Updated to include DRT Denis and Cyclone5 gearboxes

3.40 Pulled in favour of the older version 3.30 due to issues with conditional formatting on older versions of Excel (apologies this omits Cyclone5 data but will be fixed asap) – Thanks to Nigel Apsey and Sticky

3.41 Addresses an issue with the conditional formatting in 3.40 where the Visualiser window was blank on older versions of Excel. I’ve also added in data for the RPM range between 1000RPM and “Minimum”.

33 Responses to Downloads

  1. Craig Lines says:

    Can you please add a 12″ wheel option? Also 22 clutch gear option?

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  3. Ben Jewett says:

    is there any way of posting “not what to do”? with performance on hills and acceleration?

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  6. Rob says:

    Hey Tony, This is by far the best spreadsheet I’ve ever had to play with!
    One question, I can’t seem to find the download for the Vespa gearbox. Is there another way I can get that from you or a direct link you can send me to the download? Thanks a million!

  7. oldfella says:

    is there away of downloading the older version as my old laptop does not want to play fair with the XLSX version

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  9. Good bit of kit and regularly updated, top job 🙂

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  11. mark barker says:

    Brilliant, easier to make sense of then my scribbles on a scrap of paper. Thanks Mark Barker

  12. Ash says:

    Like the new visualiser.. looking forward to a pro version……………..
    Tony we need a 13 sprocket for Vega’s.. it only goes down to 14.. cheers Ash

  13. kev says:

    i got xlsx and it wont work on my computer, but a fiend downloaded it and it does work on his, odd thing is he copied program of me,,,

    • avantone says:

      Hi Kev, it sounds like you’ve got an older version of Excel. You may have more luck with the .xls version that can also be downloaded from this page. Cheers Tony

  14. Giankx says:

    It would be useful to mantain the selection of a custom gearbox….

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  16. nigel apsey says:

    Tony, your latest version looks superb. However, I don’t have the latest version of excel, so I can’t use it. I’ve tried to download a converter but failed miserably 🙂 Is there any chance you could save it in .xls format for me please?

    • avantone says:

      Hi Nigel, I had to go with XLSX for some of the additional functionality that xls won’t support in the new version. I’ll look at loading the new information into the old xls version.

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